Yesterday, I brought my Pokemon Black 2 copy home and thought about how much I enjoyed trading and fighting online. I was wondering if it was possible to play Pokemon Black 2 online by 2021.

If you were a fan of Nintendo DS video games online like Mario Kart or Pokemon Go or Pokemon Go, then you’ve probably heard that the Nintendo WFC shutdown a couple years ago. This made it impossible to play games online with any Nintendo DS gaming software.

It was not possible to do, but we didn’t let that hinder us from conducting a Google search. When I typed in “Playing the Pokemon Black 2 game online in 2021”, the first page that appeared was an Reddit thread on how to get around the Nintendo WFC shutdown.

To change your DNS, all you need to do is to navigate to Nintendo DS Connection Settings. It seems too easy and good to be true but as I tried it, it can find more here pokemon black 2 rom for android from Our Articles I was able to trade Pokemon within the GTS and fight other players online, even though it took a while to find an individual. Additionally, you can utilize this method to gain access to event Pokemon that are no more obtainable!

I’m glad that there are intelligent people out there that can figure out a solution for something that may initially appear impossible. It’s still difficult to find someone online because there aren’t many people who know about this. I hope this information gets out there to ensure an online community that is healthy for the 4th and 5th generation Pokemon games!

You can enjoy Pokemon Black 2 Online in 2021. Get the word out!

P.S. P.S. : Although I can use this with Black 2 or Heart Gold but I can’t access it on the internet using Platinum or Pearl!