Our Dogs


Gail, 2014 National Champion

In 2014, Alasdair and Gail captured his 12th US National Championship (his 13th National title), an amazing and unprecedented achievement! Gail is is an incredibly sweet, thoughtful dog with quite a bit of eye and tremendous heart. It was her heart and finesse that earned her a very memorable championship, scoring 620 points and the only dog to finish the course on the challenging range ewes.  Andy Carneige gave us the chance of Gail as a 3 year old and we are forever grateful. In addition to winning many trials, Gail has been a fantastic breeder and many of her offspring are competing inn Open trials.

Alba Cap, 2012 National Champion

Alba Cap won the 2012 US National on the large and challenging course in Klamath Falls, OR. The sheep were different than years past with Suffolk prominent in the cross wool yearlings. Much the same as years past on this large field, it was a very good test of the dogs.

It marked the 3rd generation of our bloodline to win the title in Klamath and the 4th generation of National Champions. Cap’s grandmother Nan, won it in 1997 on the same field and his uncle, Bill, won in Klamath in 2001. Alasdair also won the National with grandfather, Ben in 1986 and with his gr., gr. grandfather, Auld Mirk in Scotland, 1984.  Mirk won  Alasdair’s 1st of 12 National Championships. Including my win with Cap, 9 titles have been with dogs of our bloodline.

We bred Cap in 2005. He is by Nick, a son of Alasdair’s Nan and Ben and (litter mate to Alasdair’s Bill). Cap is out of Nell, a nice bitch that we brought over from Ireland. Nell is also the mother of Andy Carnegie’s 2007 Scottish National Champion, Lark and the mother of Jill, 2006 International Supreme Brace Champion.

2012 National Champion CapCap won many open trials and finished well in double lift final competitions including the Bluegrass Classic, WWSDA Labor Day Trial and Free to Be Classic.

He was a pleasure to train and my only 2 year nursery dog. Cap was pushier after turning 5 years old; however, he was exceptionally effective even in the most difficult of situations. He was an excellent farm dog and the dog of choice for a challenging days’ work.

He has very little eye, stands up well to aggressive sheep, has excellent stamina and is a strong shedder. He has a wonderful temperament and is extremely clever and affectionate.  He lives in the house and is a constant companion. He is also a strong breeder with numerous offspring currently competing in open.  Read more here, Cap.

The 2011 National was exceptional. Alasdair and Eileen Stineman’s Star captured Alasdair’s 11th US Championship and Star’s 3rd title. Alasdair ran Star and our Nap for the last time in 2011 as he retired Star and semi-retired Nap at the conclusion of the competition. Both outstanding trial dogs, the ending could not be sweeter for these National Champions. Read more about her here, Star .

Alba Sweep is my nursery dog from 2011, finishing 8th place in the Nursery Final in Carbondale. I moved Sweep to Open March 2012. Sweep is our breeding out of Cap’s litter sister Lyn and by Don Russell’s Sweep. He is line bred to Nan & Ben.  Sweep has natural scope on his outrun, good balance around the course and likes nothing better than a challenging ewe.  I had 4 open dogs the start of 2013 and gave Sweep to Alasdair. Although together only a short time they were Reserve Champions at the 2013 National!

Jim was a gift to me from Alasdair in November 2010 as a 13 month old out of Scotland.  We were again fortunate to have the opportunity to buy from Andy Carnegie and Jim has been nothing short of a joy to train. Very clever, Jim is a good out runner, has an excellent ear, natural feel for his sheep and is a strong shedder.

Bear and Max were my first dogs. Both were neutered as they were intended foremost as pets–it is unfortunate, because we would have liked to have bred them. The 2008 National was very special for me as I was 3rd with Max & 10th with Bear. Amazingly, though I had Bear and Max years before I ever heard of Alasdair, they are both his kind.

Bear’s mother was Jess, a daughter of June.  June was a Redpath’s Ben (McTeir’s Ben X Redpath’s Nell) that Alasdair actually bought as an 8 week old pup, trained to trial level and then sold to Tommy Wilson. Both Bear and Auld Mirk are Redpath’s kind.

Bear was a strong dog with presence, good stamina and tremendous drive. He possessed admirable qualities that I have never seen in any other working dog. We didn’t win many opens but finishing 10th at the National was one of my proudest moments. Alasdair often told me how fortunate I was to have Bear and Max. He also correctly predicted they would be the standard for which I would measure all other dogs. Read more about him here, Bear.

Max was by Vergil Holland’s Scot, a dog that Vergil purchased from Alasdair and out of a nice female, Dr. David Grinstead’s Cedes.

Max’s grandfather on the top was Mirk, a litter brother to Alasdair’s Nan. Thus his gr., gr. grandfather is Alasdair’s Auld Mirk. Max’s great grandfather on the dam’s side is Alasdair’s Elwy Glen (winner of 6 open trials in his first year out in Scotland and 4th at the International the year Alasdair won with Nan).

Max was a tremendous athlete, brilliant shedder and he made me as a handler. He won more open trials than I can recall and was 3rd at the National. He was my closest working partner and although we lost him to cancer in December 2013, he lives everyday in our heart. Read more about him here, Max.

The MacRaes and NapWe imported Nap in 2006. He was a handsome, bare skinned, prick eared dog we brought over from Scotland. Nap is a good out runner with plenty of scope. He has good balance both around the course and at the pen and is first class shedder. Nap is off of M. Evan’s Chip and is the same way bred as Armstrong’s Moss (winner of the 2005 Irish Nursery Final).

Nap was Central District Nursery Champion in Scotland in 2004 with Andy Carnegie. Nap suffered a traumatic knee injury shortly thereafter and endured multiple operations. While the operations were successful, they required absolute crate rest. Andy determined it was in Nap’s best interest to no longer work the hill and gave Alasdair the chance to buy him. It was an excellent opportunity and Alasdair won his 10th US National Championship with Nap in 2009. Read more about him here, Nap