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Finding a website that provides free distressed textures isn’t as difficult as it seems. A simple Internet search will provide numerous results. Elance is one website that offers this service, but it is difficult to find good jobs on Elance. The reason for this is that the majority of people who bid on Elance’s auction style auctions do not actually earn much. Most of the time they give up after a few weeks since they have been so frustrated with the slowness and inability to land their dream job.

However, there are other options that will allow you to create distressed textured images for your website or layout without having to pay Elance. You can save time and money by using free distressed textures. Anyone can make distress texture overlays with a graphics program. These images can be downloaded in various formats, so there’s no limit to what you can create.

Many websites offer free distressed textures ; they do not have the same quality as those which you pay for. However, many websites offer a lower cost option for these distressed art deco inspired, textured images. These distressed textures can be used in any layout application. These distressed textures can be utilized in any layout program, whether you want to create a distressed texture overlay stunning background for your blog posts, or a candy-colored palette for your layout.

To apply these distressed texture overlays, simply open an Adobe Illustrator graphics program and create a new document by selecting “Adobe Illustrator ” from the “Local Options ” area of the Adobe workspace. The next step is to open an open graphic selection program, like Adobe Photoshop and load the distressed texture that you wish to replace on your image. By using the drop-down menu, select ” Layer Mask”, and then apply the new texture on top of the original image. Using the “Free Transform” command, move the mask around until you achieve the effect you want.

This kind of pattern can make your picture appear more three-dimensional and real when used as background. To truly showcase the texture in your layouts, make a photo frame of the photo you’ve applied the texture to. The distressed pattern can be positioned over the photo. Next, use the Transform command to flip it over so that the background is the same. Be sure to use this technique over photographs that have no background. If you choose to apply this technique to photos with a background it will be obvious when viewers open the photo to see the shabby texture.