I want to inform about San Giovanni a Porta Latina

I want to inform about San Giovanni a Porta Latina

San Giovanni a Porta Latina is just a belated fifth century (?) paleochristian basilica, now a convent church, that is concealed away behind the Rosminian university at Via di Porta Latina 17. It is in the rione Celio, the historic rione Campitelli. Photos for the church at Wikimedia Commons are right here. There is certainly an English Wikipedia web web page right right here.

Also see San Giovanni in Oleo, which matters being a chapel of this church.

History Edit

The Tradition Edit

This church is connected with a really tradition that is ancient St John the Evangelist, first mentioned by Tertullian in the De Praescriptione Haereticorum c. 36. In accordance with it, the saint ended up being arrested at Ephesus by the end for the century that is 1st, delivered to Rome for trial and there placed into a cauldron of boiling oil. He emerged unhurt, whereupon he had been sent into exile regarding the island of Patmos where he published their Apocalypse.

The ebullition had been designed to took put on the location now marked by the small chapel of San Giovanni in Oleo, or “St John in Oil”.

Origins Edit

The origins associated with the basilica stay a mystery that is complete because no documentary evidence endures before the very very first 1 / 2 of the 8th century.

Nevertheless, scholars declare that the initial date of construction had been all over 12 months 500, basing their proof on masonry analysis which puts the date of construction amongst the years 450 during the earliest and 550 during the latest. Four roof tiles, which bear the taxation stamp of this king that is gothic (495-526), offer further support with this recommended date (although tiles could be re-used). Continue reading “I want to inform about San Giovanni a Porta Latina”