I want to tell about Latin Subject Test

I want to tell about Latin Subject Test


In the event that you’ve examined Latin for over couple of years, using the Latin topic Test is just a great solution to emphasize your achievements and improve your admission profile.

Test Essentials

Scoring, Timing, wide range of Questions

Points Minutes issues
200–800 60 70–75 (numerous Choice)

Crucial Records

  • Offered in and June december

Getting Ready for the Test

Anticipated Skills

  • Choose appropriate grammatical types of Latin words
  • Choose words that are latin which English words are derived
  • Translate from Latin to English
  • Complete Latin sentences
  • Select alternate methods of expressing the exact same idea in Latin
  • Answer many different questions according to brief passages of poetry or prose

Suggested Planning

  • 2–4 many years of Latin in twelfth grade, or the same
  • Gradual growth of your competence in sight-reading Latin during a period of years

Subjects from the Test

INFORMATION Approximate % of Test
Grammar and syntax 30%
Derivatives 5%
interpretation and reading comprehension The reading comprehension part includes 3 to 5 reading passages and another or two poetry passages. A collection of concerns adhering to a poetry passage constantly includes one concern needing one to scan the very first four foot of a type of dactylic hexameter verse or even to figure out the amount of elisions in a line. Continue reading “I want to tell about Latin Subject Test”