Patricia and Alasdair MacRae

Our passion is to increase the mutual understanding between handlers and their dogs, making training more enjoyable for both, and helping dogs reach their full potential.

Alasdair won the coveted Supreme in 1993 with the legendary Nan; he’s also won  14 US National Championships, the Scottish National and holds the record for the most points ever attained on BBC’s esteemed, “One Man and His Dog”. He is by far, the most accomplished handler in North America. I  attended my first trial novice trial in 2002 and won the US National in 2012. Our lives have been immeasurably enriched through the journey with our dogs.

In 2014 , we launched, MacRae Way Online SheepdogTraining Courses  to make our intuitive, positive training methodology accessible to handlers throughout the world. Our courses are timeless in their relevance and are available via live streaming and can be delivered on any device.

In March 2018, we launched MacRae Way Academy.  The Academy is a supplement to our courses, and a platform for learning and sharing information on sheepdog training, trialing, judging, handling and more. We believe that sharing our knowledge will empower improvement, enjoyment and understanding between handlers and their dogs.

We have Premium and Basic membership- click here to learn more about the member benefits at the Academy.  Basic membership is FREE-Sign up Now. 

Visit us at The MacRae Way to learn more about all of our on-line offerings.

In addition to sharing our knowledge through online training and remote lessons, we also trial across the U.S. and provide lessons and clinics.

Alasdair & Gail, 

Patricia & Alba Cap