Clinics and Lessons

Clinics & Lessons:      Clinic Entry

Stay tuned for updates on clinics while we move! Meanwhile, Remote lessons are a great alternative and always available, details below.

A valuable & convenient alternative for those who can not travel to lessons or clinics. We have had great success with this format with regular and new students.

Remote lessons are $100 for the first half hour, $80 for each subsequent half hour. *Please email for Paypal payment details.

Please make a video illustrating the issue to discuss or problem you are having. If you would like an evaluation or discussion of next steps, please film the area you need help with (such as the shed or pen), run a course (with outrun off of each side and a full drive), or video a typical working session.

We often review and critique trial runs and these should be shot as close to ‘on line’ as possible on a field where dog and sheep are both visible for 95% or more of the run.

The duration of the video is deducted from the first 30 minutes of the lesson (such that a 10 min video leaves 20 min for discussion). The video is watched prior to the call and should be approximately 10 minutes in length per dog (please do not exceed 15 minutes).
Please have the video available at the time of the call so that specific time stamps may be referenced. The video can either be sent via YouTube or memory stick. All videos must be made with the camera on a tripod to ensure quality.

Please email to set up a remote lesson.

Alasdair & Wisp
Patricia & Jim